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1. Frequent Questions  
About Drug Testing

What to know about
drug testing?

Drug byproducts can be
detected in urine, blood,
hair, external residue,
and even perspiration.
Our service gives a
rapid 24-48 hrs answer.
The onsite tests provide
immediate results.
2. Frequent Question
About Drug Testing
What to know about the
chain of custody

A typical chain of
custody document would
begin its life during
collection of the sample
for testing is done. This
is when the test subject’s
details are written as well
as those of the collector
with the respective times
and dates. The complete
list of contents that are
included with the test
specimen like packaging
type, seals and other
relevant information are
also included for
verification upon
transport and turnover to
the respective testing
facility. The said chain of
custody form is added
onto as the test
specimen travels from
person to person that
gives complete
accountability of a test
 How A Urinalysis Works
Toxins from drugs are stored in the fat cells of the body.
When the fat cells are burned, those toxins are released into
the bloodstream. When the toxins are released into the
bloodstream, they are filtered out by the kidneys, and then
sent to the bladder. Once in the bladder, a urinalysis drug test
will detect the drug toxins, and cause a person to show
positive for a drug urinalysis.
Laboratory Urinalysis
•Urinalysis drug tests are typically required from an employer,
professional team, organization, terms of probation or other
reasons. The urinalysis drug tests are generally conducted at
a collection site. The collection site collects the urine sample
in a specially designed cup, sealed with tamper-resistant tape
and sent via an express delivery service to a testing
laboratory where it will be tested for drugs.

    How A Hair Test Works

The presence of drugs in hair is based on a simple principle.
Drugs which are ingested into the body circulate in a person's
bloodstream which nourishes developing hair follicles.  As a
result, trace amounts of the target drug or drug metabolite are
deposited in the hair follicle and become entrapped in the
core of the hair shaft as it grows out from the hair follicle.
Normal growth rates for human hair are approximately one-
half inch per month. By testing for the presence of drugs in
the hair shaft core on a given length of hair, a historical
record can be achieved on past drug usage based on the
length of the hair sample submitted measured from the scalp
line. For example; if a 1.5" length hair sample measured from
the scalp line is submitted, and knowing that on average head
hair grows at the rate of .5" inch per month, then it can be
assumed that a positive test result would imply that a drug
was consumed sometime in the past 3 month period. Since
target drug or drug metabolite residues are chemically and
structurally stable for an extended period of time within the
hair shaft core, they cannot be externally washed, bleached,
chemically treated or flushed out of the hair structure.
Consequently there is little possibility of sample contamination
or manipulation. For this reason many courts and legal
entities have chosen a forensic hair drug test as the preferred
method of drug testing. Gas chromatography/mass
spectrometry (GC/MS)  forensic laboratory analysis of the hair
shaft from an individual can achieve highly accurate drug test
results and provide a historical use record. Generally it takes
approximately 5 days for drugs to show up in a person's hair
and will continue to be detectable in new hair growth for
several months.

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