Domestic Violence Treatment Program
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 New Directions is approved by the Los Angeles County Probation Department Domestic Violence Unit
to provide a 52 week treatment program. Call 562-943-6000 for information and appointments..

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Domestic Violence Defined
California (Penal Code 13700)(Penal Code 273.5)
Abuse means intentionally or recklessly causing or attempting to cause bodily injury, or placing another
person in reasonable apprehension of imminent serious bodily injury to that person or another in physical
violence or the threat of physical violence.

Domestic violence means abuse committed against an adult or a fully emancipated minor who is a
spouse, former spouse, cohabitant, former cohabitant, or parent of a child (in common), or current or
former dating or engagement relationship.

In California this definition has been interpreted by the courts to include emotional, verbal and
psychological abuse, as well as stalking and coercive behavior.

Cycle of Violence
For a person in an abusive relationship, the cycle of violence can cause reactions and behaviors that may
look confusing to us.

A person may come to work with a black eye and the next day receives a bouquet of roses from a partner.
The victim understands what is happening and lives with the contradictions, but we may not understand.

1: Tension Building
During the Tension Building phase of the domestic violence dynamic, the abused partner walks on
eggshells, monitors the abuser's behavior carefully and waits for violence to explode. The victim feels
escalating fear and tension as the abuser exerts power and increases control.

2: Trigger
The Trigger is the excuse the abuser uses to act out against the victim. A trigger may be anything and is
part of the abuse - a misplaced book, a piece of burned toast, a look or a wrinkle in a shirt.

Defining Domestic Violence
Domestic violence is a pattern of coercive behavior in which one person attempts to control another
person through threats or actual use of physical, emotional, sexual, financial and spiritual abuse.

Domestic violence can include:

Physical violence: Hitting, choking or pushing
Emotional abuse: Name calling and threats
Financial abuse: Preventing access to bank accounts, credit cards or other financial resources
Sexual abuse: Any forced sexual activity
Spiritual abuse: Keeping someone from going to a place of worship or using scriptures to justify

Warning Signs
Watch for these warning signs if you suspect someone at work may be abused.

Physical Signs

Bruises or injuries attributed to falls, clumsiness or accidents
Clothing that is inappropriate for the season, such as long sleeves, turtlenecks, scarves, hats and
sunglasses, Unusually heavy makeup


Chương trình điều trị bạo lực gia đình. Chỉ mới được chấp thuận bởi Los Angeles County Cục Quản
Chế bạo lực gia đình đơn vị để cung cấp một chương trình điều trị 52 tuần. Hãy gọi 714-622-8319 để
biết thông tin và các cuộc hẹn ..

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Nuevas Direcciones son aprobadas por el Departamento de Libertad Condicional de Condado de Los
Angeles Unidad Doméstica de Violencia para proporcionar un 52 programa de tratamiento de
semana. Llame 562-944-3735 para la información y appointments.